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This Algerian photograph, which was first published prior to January 1, 1987, is currently in the public domain in Algeria because it was granted a term of protection of 10 years from publication by Article 64 of Ordinance No. 73–14 of 3 April 1973.
Although the 1973 ordinance was abrogated by Article 166 of Ordinance No. 97–10 of 6 March 1997, which was itself abrogated by Article 163 of the currently applicable Ordinance No. 03–05 of 19 July 2003, this did not lead to a renewal of the copyright of photographs which had already fallen into the public domain, because both the 1997 and the 2003 ordinances contained transitional provisions explicitly disallowing retroactive protection of out-of-copyright works.
In order to be hosted on Commons, all works must be in the public domain in the United States as well as in their source country. The copyright of all Algerian photographs published prior to 1987 had expired in Algeria on the U.S. date of restoration (April 19, 1998). Such photographs are thus currently in the public domain in the United States.

Algerian photographs created on or before December 31, 1962 which had never been published as of January 1, 1987 are currently in the public domain in Algeria but not in the United States, as they were still copyrighted on the date of restoration. Although technically not allowed on Commons, such photographs are tolerated if the "Not-PD-US-URAA" tag is used in conjunction with this tag.